We are a proud supporter of the program and hope you will be too!

Food Works Craft Catering has partnered with Mealshare to provide one meal to someone in need for every certified mealshare item within our office catering fare program.

At Mealshare, they believe that everyone deserves the right to eat. Unfortunately, youth and kids are the most vulnerable individuals and too often find themselves in situations where they are not able to get adequate nutrition. If we provide meals, education, and holistic support to these individuals when they are young, there’s a much better chance that they will be able to pull themselves out of whatever destructive cycles or issues they’re facing. Mealshare supports youth today, because they will support the world tomorrow.

Buy one, give one – it’s that simple!

How it Works:

When you order any of the mealshare certified menu items within our seasonal breakfast or seasonal lunch menus, we donate $1.00 of the cost directly to mealshare who in turn creates something truly remarkable within our community and abroad!

How Mealshare Shares Meals:

To provide a meal, Mealshare donates to one of their charitable partners, enabling them to provide a complete meal to someone in need. Their charitable partners provide meals in local communities and around the world.


In Calgary, Mealshare is proud to be donating meals through the Calgary drop-in centre.

The Calgary drop-in centre does a great job at getting someone in the door with a warm meal, and then offering programs like job training, addiction recovery and counselling. Mealshare appreciates how the Calgary drop-in centre doesn’t stop at giving meals, but uses the meals as a way to get involved in people’s lives and help them in other ways.



Together we are having an impact on youth in need here in our local community, and also internationally! Our partner Mealshare partners with to provide meals internationally to children in areas of need! They are just wrapping up a project in Mali, Africa where lunches were provided to elementary school children.

For many kids in the area, attending school regularly was a challenge because their families couldn’t afford the fees, or needed the children to help with farming and household businesses. When children did go to school they found it tough to pay attention, as they often couldn’t afford to buy lunches. By offering free meals, these local schools saw dramatic increases in attendance and focus!

“Before the canteen, the kids used to get sick from hunger after a certain time in school, because as the saying goes: an empty stomach has no ears”.

You can feel good knowing you are fueling minds here in Calgary, and all over the world when you turn your dining out, into helping out!

What do the meals look like?

Partner charities provide all sorts of different meals, and they look much different from one charity partner to the next. Mealshare’s team visits and volunteers at our local partner charities and have seen first-hand, the meals in action. Each of their partner charities strives to provide meals in accordance with the Canada Food Guide or similar standards. Internationally, the meals that Mealshare provides through Save the Children are created using local ingredients and are typically composed of rice or couscous, served with veggies and beans.

To learn more about Plumpy’Nut, watch this quick clip from a recent 60 Minutes report:

If you wish to donate and help Mealshare grow their movement, and help make it easy for people to turn their dining out into helping out, Mealshare accepts donations online at:

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